Registration Fee/Tuition

Total yearly costs include the following:

  • $100 registration fee per family

  • $320 tuition per class for the first two classes

  • $200 tuition per class for each additional class

Total costs can be paid all at once or in two payments: one in August and another in January.

For example, if you have three students taking one class each, for the year you will pay:

     $100 registration + $320 for 1st class + $320 for 2nd class + $200 for 3rd class = $940 for the year.

     Half ($470) is due when classes begin in August, and half is due when classes begin in January.

Students starting in the spring semester will pay the $100 per family registration fee and half the yearly tuition. 


Fees include an FCHE T-shirt for each student. Fees do not include costs of formal concert wardrobe.

For Fall 2020 only, students will not be required to have formal concert wardrobe. 

If you attended FCHE in Spring 2020 a $60 discount will be applied. 

When you register, we will send an email with a bill calculating your charges for the year and info on how to pay. 

Questions? Feel free to email us!