COVID-19 Adjustments for Fall 2020:

Over the past few months the FCHE Board has been conferring closely with Christ Church SL and Pastor DeAndre Johnson about our plans for next year. We are happy to let you know that we do plan to have choir classes starting in August, although things will look a little different than “normal” as we work with the church to follow their social distancing and safety guidelines.

Here’s what we are planning. Please understand that we may need to make additional changes as the semester progresses. We are doing our best to continue with our mission! 

- Handbells classes will not meet in the fall semester. We hope to be able to reconvene in the spring.

- Treble choir class will be mostly unchanged, although we may have to limit class size.

- Jubilate chorale class will be split into smaller groups for instruction time. Bethany Stuard will be joining Ryan Penney as a second instructor so we can handle more students in different rooms at once. We’ll mix it up so all students get to work with both instructors and with each other over the semester.

- We will not be able to have parents wait inside the church building – you will need to drop off your students and pick them up after class.

- We will check in students as they arrive and possibly screen temperatures and ask about current family health. It is imperative that students who may be ill or have been recently ill stay home. 

- We will not have a traditional Christmas concert or our regular Ministry Day concerts. Instead, we will work with a videographer to create a video performance that each family will get to watch and share, and that we can share with Christ Church and our regular Ministry Day venues.


- For the fall we will not require our usual concert wardrobe but we’ll have t-shirts for all students instead. We hope to be able to go back to having a concert in the spring with formal wardrobe.

We are all living through unprecedented times, where our situations seem to change daily. May our circumstances lead each of us to further trust in God and his plans for us. Pray with us that we honor Him in all we do, however it works out.


We will do our best to work through new challenges as they are sure to arise! Please be patient and work with us as we continue to adjust for new circumstances.